Allot Ltd. (ALLT), says 68 percent of customers will swap telecoms for improved cybersecurity

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Allot Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALLT), a leading global supplier of advanced communication service provider (CSP) and business network analytics and security-as-a-service technologies, has today announced conclusions from its Global Customer Security Study. The key study report indicates that CSPs are well placed to seize a clearly identified demand by addressing the unmet need of their consumers for protection against increasing risks, such as phishing and ransomware, and for parental supervision to ensure the online safety of their children.

Between the second and third quarters of 2020, Allot commissioned Coleman Parkes Research to survey 11,400 CSP consumer customers from across the globe. The report’s main results include:

Wireless subscribers expect their telecommunication services to supply their smartphones with security protection. In order to achieve a superior cybersecurity approach, 28 percent of customers said they would likely move service providers. Another 40 percent said they’d potentially move to stronger cybersecurity providers.

Telecom operators are perfectly positioned to supply their subscribers with surveillance services. CSPs own data pipes and client relationships, and 90% of global customers say they agree that their service provider should supply their devices with a security solution.

Subscribers are able to invest in answers to cybersecurity. On average users would spend about $5 a month on a zero-touch network-based cybersecurity system that covers all their equipment.

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