All Hail Streaming King Netflix Inc. (NFLX)

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Netflix (NFLX) has achieved another milestone by having a 203.6 million customer base. This is an epic achievement and joins the infamous 200-club which already includes the likes of YouTube and Steam. Netflix saw huge growth potential in 2020 when the whole world was in lockdown mode. The pandemic caused millions of users to spend their extra time streaming on Netflix. However, this might change as many other studios and companies are catching up to the Netflix product model after what Netflix has been accomplishing for years.

Netflix made $25 billion in annual revenue and is telling shareholders that they no longer require money to raise external financing signaling that Netflix no longer is the borrower. Netflix shows like The Queen’s Gambit and Emily in Paris provided a sizable fan base but The Crown helped solidify Netflix’s prime position.

Netflix former best friend turned rival Disney + recently launched The Mandalorian Season 2 which caused an internet meltdown by Star Wars fans. From the numbers standpoint, 60 million watched the Queen’s Gambit within a month marking it the second most-watched limited series on Netflix.

Unlike Disney +, HBO Max, or even Peacock, Netflix has global outreach while these studios were releasing movies in cinemas, Netflix was generating revenue through its streaming platform. There was a time when Blockbuster tried to buy off Netflix but Netflix turned them down. Good instinct on Netflix Team`s part.

Netflix has a slew of upcoming shows including the return of Geralt of Rivia and the hit Umbrella Academy.  Netflix will face stiff competition from Disney + MCU-inspired shows and HBO’s MAX same-day release-stream option. This year will truly signal who truly is the king of streaming wars.

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