1-week top losers in the crypto market – (JustBet, Cook Protocol, Penta, ‎Rewardiqa, WorkQuest Token)

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The brutal market of cryptocurrencies is unforgiving.

JustBet (WINR) is the top loser of the week with a 7-day loss of 58%. JustBet is a decentralized autonomous gaming system that runs with zero human interaction which ensures the transparency of the system. The token achieved its all-time high at $0.013 in the 2021 bull run but it has succumbed to the bears ever since. At the time of press, JustBet was trading hands at $0.0059. The daily trading volume of $1,611,622 has increased by 93%.

Cook Protocol (COOK) is down by 50% in the weekly timeframe. The token stands at $0.11 at the time of writing. The price of COOK has gone down by 12% while the trading volume has declined by 70% in the daily timeframe. COOK has been on a downward trend since April. The Cook Protocol is a cross-chain solution that enables an asset management platform. Cook is the governance token of the platform.

Penta (PNT) cryptocurrency operates on the Ethereum block chain. The cryptocurrency had established its all-time high at $0.029 in 2018. The bulls of the current bull run were not able to propel the cryptocurrency upwards and apart from a few brief upward moves, Penta has stayed bearishly stagnant. The daily trading volume of $1,034,532 has decreased by 24% in the daily timeframe as well.

Rewardiqa is a gamified microtask and advertising platform built on the block chain. Rewardiqa (REW) is the native cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency achieved its all-tine high at $43.9 in March but fell sharply afterwards. On a descent, Rewardiqa stands at $2.11 at the time of press. The trading volume of $832,518 has increased by 100% in the daily time frame.

WorkQuest Token (WQT) is the management token of WorkQuest – an online marketplace and decentralized payment provider that connects employers and employees utilizing smart contracts. WQT is the final loser of the week with a loss of 61%. The token stands at a price of $0.39 with a daily trading volume of $621,341. Although the price and trading volume of the coin has went up in the daily timeframe, the weekly performance of the coin has been deteriorating.

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